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Time to Stop Undermining Homeownership

Here's a startling fact -- more than 10 million Americans have been evicted from their homes since 2007. That's nearly the entire population of the state of Michigan. Just imagine if the people of an entire state were rendered homeless overnight -- it would be quite a calamity. The news media would no doubt cover it 24/7, millions of dollars would be raised in aid, and thousands would volunteer to help shelter the displaced. Any companies responsible for such a massive displacement of people would Read more [...]

The Great Fannie and Freddie Rip-Off

By RALPH NADER I have long fought against the systemic disempowerment of investors in large public corporations, but the mistreatment of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shareholders, including me, is uniquely reprehensible. For decades Fannie and Freddie behaved like other large, publicly held financial corporations. They were profit-seeking companies, listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). They displayed an unfettered drive for greater sales, profits, executive bonuses and stock options Read more [...]